Monday, December 27, 2010

Roku: My Christmas Present From My Son

I already have a Netflix subscription at $7.99  a month.  I would stream and watch from my computer.  (I connect to my son's  Broadband Internet Connection). Now it's even better because I can also watch Netflix movies, documentaries and TV series streamed through my TV.  Also there are more options because through The Roku box you can add channels through The Channel Store, some are free and some are premium.  I subscribed to a couple channels that only cost $1.99 a year.  Other's like HuluPlus costs $7.99 a month.  Still, a whole lot cheaper than Cable.

Broadband Internet can get pricy but there are new 4G Wireless Companies popping up with Unlimited data use like  Clear , Sprint

Currently I connect to broadband through my son's Verizon FIOS account, but once I move I will subscribe to 'Clear' as it looks to be the best deal.  

NOTE:  Just in case you're considering Comcast:   I canceled my Comcast  Internet account 2 years ago because they put a 250Gig  cap (not unlimited) on their data usage. Plus Comcast has been sued over Web Interference and blocking P2P sites.  Streaming Movies to watch online uses a lot of data, you will want to make sure your Broadband Internet Service is unlimited.

Conclusion:   A HD Antenna for your local Channels (that broadcast in HD for free), The cost of Broadband Internet Service with Netflix, HuluPlus through your computer or a Roku box  is still remarkably cheaper than Cable or Satellite. Plus, it's very easy to setup.  If you can't set it up yourself,  everyone has a  a Geek in the family, enlist his/her help.  It's worth it!

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  1. OHHH, don't even GET me started about those bastards at Verizon, I have been getting bent over by them for over two years now. I had to go buy a new USB air card after it died and the dirty fuckers renewed my contract without telling me.
    I changed my plan after getting laid off and was absolutely, gobsmacked, when I got my next bill.
    268 dollars for one month of internet service!

    Thanks fer stopping by my joint and tell anyone and everyone to stay the hell away from Verizon.
    It is going to cost me 125 bucks to get out of the contract that should have expired but they are getting kicked to the curb with prejudice.

    Busted from Ornery Bastard