Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Homemade Soup Mixes ~ Gifts In A Jar - - Homemade Soup Mix Recipes | Jar Gift Mixes

NOTE:  I just love this idea.  Who wouldn't love to receive one or two of these for Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Ramadan, Birthday -or- 'whatever' gift?  You could start making these a few months before the holidays.  I plan to start NOW because I want to stock up my pantry to have plenty of quick, easy and cheap meals.  Keep checking back because I will be blogging my progress with pictures.

Create your own Soup Mix Recipes- Choose from a variety of nearly 60 soup blends for any occasion. Whether for home use or for additions to gift baskets and care packages, these tried and true recipes are sure to please any palate.

  1. 9 Bean Soup Mix
  2. Bean Soup Mix
  3. Beef & Barley Vegetable Soup Mix
  4. Beef Chili Soup Mix
  5. Beef Vegetable Soup Starter Mix
  6. Black Bean Soup Mix
  7. Boston Baked Beans Mix
  8. Cajun Corn Soup Mix
  9. Calico Bean Soup Mix
  10. Chicken Noodle Soup Mix
  11. Colorful Soup Mix
  12. Country Soup Mix
  13. Cream of Anything Soup Mix
  14. Cream of Whatever Soup Mix
  15. Creamy Cheese Soup Mix
  16. Creamy Tomato Soup Mix
  17. Cup of Veggie Soup Mix
  18. Curry Soup Mix
  19. Dehydrated Soup Mix
  20. Dozen Bean Pot Soup Mix
  21. Dreaming of a White Christmas Soup Mix
  22. Farmhouse Soup Mix
  23. Fat Free Cream Soup Mix
  24. Four Bean Chorizo Chili Mix
  25. Four Corners Soup Mix
  26. French Market Soup Mix
  27. Friendship Soup Mix
  28. Holiday Split-Pea Soup
  29. Instant Cheesy Soup Mix
  30. Instant Potato Soup Mix
  31. Italian Bean Soup Mix
  32. Layered Bean Soup Mix
  33. Layered Patchwork Soup Mix
  34. Love Soup Mix
  35. Low Sodium Cream of Chicken Soup Mix
  36. Mexican Bean Soup Mix
  37. Minestrone Soup Mix
  38. Mushroom Barley Soup Mix
  39. MYO Creamy Wild Rice and Mushroom Soup Mix
  40. MYO Vegetable Soup Mix
  41. Onion Soup Mix
  42. Painted Desert Chili Mix
  43. Palouse Soup Mix
  44. Pasta Soup Mix
  45. Poor Woman's Soup
  46. Potato Soup Mix
  47. Rainbow Bean Soup Mix
  48. Snowman Soup Mix
  49. Split Pea Tortellini Soup Mix
  50. Sun Dried Tomato & Penne Soup Mix in a Jar
  51. Texas Two-Step Soup Mix
  52. Tomato Soup Mix - Single Serving
  53. Tortellini And Sun Dried Tomato Soup
  54. Trailblazer Bean Soup Mix
  55. Turkey Noodle Soup Mix in a Jar
  56. Vegetarian black bean Chili Mix
  57. Vegetarian Black Bean Soup Mix
  58. Winter Bean Soup Mix

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