Saturday, March 19, 2011

Need A Dutch Oven ?

I needed a Dutch Oven to bake my Artisan 'no knead' bread in so I started pricing them... 'Ouch'. The least expensive Dutch Oven I found was $35.99 (cast iron) and it was small.
My husband who was Scottish would say" 'Aye, that's too dear' and would have given the Dutch Oven an obscene gesture.....but I digress....

I remembered reading something on a website (I don't remember which or I would have shared the link with you) that you can bake your 'no knead' bread in the inside part of a crock pot so I trolled some of my favorite Thrift Shops and found one.  This one is a larger size, 10 inches.  It was priced $3.99.  It did not come with a lid but I found the one pictured here for 99 cents.  It works like a charm.  My bread turned out fantastic!  I have since baked all sorts of goodies in this 'Poor Man's' Dutch Oven.  I also bought  a smaller crock, 8 inches for $2.99 (not pictured because my son stuck it on the top of the kitchen cupboard where I can't reach).  I already had a couple glass lids that fit.  Life is good!!!


  1. Great idea. I hope the "free box"glass lid with a wooden handle is oven proof or at least will stand heat on top of the stove. I have several cast iron skillets that could use a lid. I have seen and heard several recipes for no knead bread, but I am not sure which one to use.

  2. Hi Linda. I lucked out at the Thrift Store and found that pyrex oven safe lid. So far I've used it about 10-12 times in the oven. I've inherited a couple of those pyrex sauce pots w/ lids from my Mom and use those with my smaller cast iron fry pans. Also one of those lids fit my 8 inch crock insert.

    Somewhere in my blog I have video instructions for no-knead bread.

    Thank you so much for taking the time to read and comment on my blog. I love getting ideas & learning from others