Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Ah, The AARP, my Nemesis.   Five years ago  they broke my heart and ruined my 50th birthday.  I'm still holding a grudge, I wear it every day around my neck like a  string of old pearls.    It all started one rainy  November morning in 2005.  Carrying with me my cup of coffee (with extra cream) I went to the mail box and there it sat,  a hostile,  menacing looking letter sized envelope addressed to ME.  I opened it  and there it was, mocking me, taunting me about the Big 5 and 0.  Inside that horrid little envelope was........ an application to join the AARP!.....Damn You AARP, damn you to hell !!!

But they do have a great website with lots of nifty-thrifty hints:

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  1. Okay, that was just way too funny. I'm enjoying your blog - you are very creative and I give you a lot of credit for making do so well.