Monday, August 22, 2011

I'm Heartbroken

Well Folks, my 1999 Ford Contour has passed away. May she R.I.P.  Yesterday I sat in her for about half an hour listening to the radio and crying my eyes  out.  I know it's only a car but she gave me freedom.  With all the fusion in my back I can't tolerate the pain of being bounced around on a bus. *sigh*

Sooooo...I'm trying my hand at  jewelry making....hopefully to sell (I live in 'hope').

Please give me honest feedback. Let me what you think of these bracelets.  Two are made with semi-precious stone beads, the clear one is made with Czech Fire Crystals and one is just cheap resin beads (I wouldn't  feel comfortable selling it to any one)

Czech  Fire Crystals, bead caps, toggle, cross are Pewter, links are made with stainless steel wire

Darn, off hand can't remember the name of these stones, bead caps, fish symbol, toggle is pewter, wire wrap links are made with stainless steel wire

Beads are resin, toggle & spacer beads are pewter. I still can't believe that my son's girl friend loves this cheap material bracelet, hahahahahahahaha 

The rose is carved jade, green stone are Averturine, toggle & spacer beads are Pewter, all are strung on stainless steel beading wire

Constructive criticism would be deeply appreciated.



  1. Patty

    I am so sorry about the car. Are you sure that fixing it is not worth the money? After all, you are not making road trips.

    What happened to it? Even a new motor is cheaper than a car. I am sure you won't be able to buy a newish one on your own.

    Your post filled me with terror for myself. When this car goes, I am toast. And, there is no bus to ride in this town.

    Plus, there would be no way to zip around for my freebies. My back is not fixed, so I can hardly ride anything that does not perfectly suit my condition...sad.

    The pretty pink beads, second one, is my favorite. I like the pink roses, but not the green beads. That is just me--green is not a color I am drawn to. I am partial to the right shade of pink!

    Obviously, you can sell the one with cheap beads cheaply, I would sell it. As long as you explain what it is, other people's taste is up to them...what they purchase, I mean. Yes, I might be appalled, but sell it! Maybe you would not want to make anymore if you don't feel right selling

    I would not buy anything with a religious symbol on it, but that is me. Others might be drawn to that. On your shop you could make that a choice--put whatever on the bracelet and offer to take the religious symbol off and replace with something else.

    Ack! Maybe your son can help you and you can repay him through jewelry sales, even if they are slow.

    Do you have your etsy shop on this blog site? I am way to ill to even look. LOL You don't give prices here. Maybe you should...I am not an expert on this.

    Keep us posted.

  2. I actually like the one with the cross but would not like the cross on the end of the bracelet like that but in the middle of the beads. I like the pink one as well but wouldn't want the charm.
    No car is ever completely dead though these newer ones are a lot harder to fix. I am car-less at the moment myself while we try to figure out what is wrong with mine which has made me have to come to work when my husband goes to work at 6:00 a.m. even though I am not on the clock until 12:00. I can't wait until mine is fixed! It may be old, crappy and have no air but I want it back!
    I agree that you should put prices on these and see how it goes.

  3. Dear Linda & Becky, Thank you for your comments & advice. I very much appreciate your thoughts on this. The two bracelets with the religious charms were gifts I made for my daughter-in-law and a niece. I'm not a Christian but 99.9% of my family members & friends are.

    Last night I got some good news about my car. My son's work-buddy has a guy who works on his cars for a reasonable fee and agreed to work on mine. This makes me very happy. (the AC in my car stopped working too), I just hope the defroster works because winters in Pittsburgh can get frigid.

    I'm still trying to figure out pricing. I won't try to sell on this blog because I do want to keep this particular blog directed towards sharing ideas on frugal, natural living. I have another blog: The Musing of An Eccentric at: I might post my jewelry on that one.
    I've been neglecting my blogs lately due to fatigue from an illness (starting to feel a bit better) and I also sat with my sister for three weeks after her spinal surgery.

    Thank you again for taking time out of your days to read and comment on my blog. I do appreciate it so very much.