Monday, November 29, 2010

Making Easy Grape Jelly

Grape Jelly Grape jelly is easy to make


  1. hey, I wouldn't have thought of using store bought juice, but it's probably cheaper than buying store bought jelly! I've got a bottle of organic cherry juice on hand... thanks for this post!

  2. Hi Dmarie,
    I've made jelly with frozen juice before, YEARS ago, in fact so long ago I forgot all about it until I ran into this article. LOL. It turned out really well and you're right, it's cheaper than store bought jelly AND, you know exactly what's in it. Thank You for your comment and thanks for reading my blog.


  3. Hi Dmarie,

    My name is Crystal and I am the owner of The Family Homestead THe site you have taken the above pictures from. All my work is copyrighted and is not to be used without my permission. I am asking you please to remove the pictures from your site.. you are welcome to give a link to my site, or to make the jam yourself and take your own pictures.. but please do not take work from my site..

    I spend many, many hours of work on my website and find it frustrating to see people taking this from me without my permission....


  4. My apologies.. I meant the above message to go to Patty... not, Dmarie...

  5. Dear Crystal, My apologies. As you can see I deleted your pictures and left only the link your your site. My intentions were not to steal your work but to share helpful information with others who like myself are living in poverty due to illness/disabilities (I always post the link giving full credit to the original author). As soon as I recover from my most recent health setback I will do as you suggested and make the jam myself, take picture and post it.