Monday, November 15, 2010

Video: How To Make A Simple, Balanced Fish & Sweet Potato Home Diet For Your Dog

Because I am a Vegetrion and want to keep my dogs on a healthy vegetarian diet I am looking for a suitable vegetarian dog food recipe. I have so far found one but I want to make sure they are getting enough calcium. My previous post that has a recipe for home made kibble calls for bone meal which doesn't seem like a very good idea.
due to mad cow disease.

In this video Dr. Andrew Jones, DVM from the Nelson Animal Hospital in British Columbia, Canada shows how to prepare a simple homemade dog food recipe and discusses the use of supplements to ensure a healthy diet.

OKAY: So the good doctor is a wee bit on the dramatic side (like an infomercial) with all his difficulty crushing vitamin tablet with a glass ( dangerous and not very smart). I would use my Mortar -and- Pestle then dump it in the bowl instead of scooping and sliding crushed vitamin tables 2 feet to the end out the counter and dumping into my hand. Also a good brand of Cold Pressed Virgin Olive Oil is an excellent source of Omega 3 that can be measured by a spoon. You can also buy Flax-seed Oil in a bottle but it's expensive for even a small bottle where Olive Oil is far less so. The doctor wants to sell his product and there's nothing wrong with that if you you live in Australia and you can afford to buy it. I don't -and- I can't. But I do have a Mortar and Pestle. If you don't you can put your vitamin tablets in a baggie and crush them with a hammer then dump them in the dog food bowl.

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