Saturday, February 19, 2011

Making Soap In A Crock Pot

I haven't tried this yet but it looks simple enough.


  1. It is simple! I've only made soap once and I followed her video to do it :)

  2. thank you so much for your comment. I will defiantly give it a try once I am feeling a little better.,

    Thank you for visiting my blog.

  3. Hi Patty,

    I was browsing the Net and found your great blog.

    I wanted to especially thank you for posting the video on how to make soap in the crockpot.

    I found a crockpot off of Freecycle so I can reserve my other for my cooking. :-)

    My daughter and I tried this recipe this week. It worked really well!

    It was a bit of a challenge to find 100% lye. I'm old enough to remember it sold under the Red Devil Lye brand, but it's no longer sold in my area.Hubby found 100% lye disguised as a drain cleaner. (I used half coconut oil, almost half lard, and one ounce of olive oil to make the soap.)

    I pondered doubling the recipe as the oils only filled the crockpot half way.

    When we added the vanilla (it was the only scent we had here that we both agreed on) I was really glad that we hadn't doubled it!

    When I began to stir the vanilla in, the soap mixture foamed up a lot and very quickly. I had to keep stirring and stirring so that it wouldn't overflow the crock.

    I thought it best to warn others although I'm not sure if any essential oils or scents would have the same reaction as the vanilla or not?
    Just be prepared to stir a lot and quickly.

    It did take four hands to get it into our lasagna pan that we used as a mold. (I'm sure I could have done it myself but it would have been a hassle)

    We got 16 bars of nice, bubbly soap.

    Thanks so much!
    Deb in NE

  4. Be very careful when mixing lye. DO NOT breathe in the fumes and make sure you wear gloves and a mask!

    Many essential oils will cause the soap to seize. Vanilla will also turn it brown.
    Lavender is usually a safe EO to use.

    If you don't want to do crock pot soap making, do the same thing, but use a stainless steel bucket or pot. Let oils and lye solution cool before mixing the solution into the oils.
    Stir with a stick blender for a few minutes. Add clay, herbs etc and EO. Pour into moulds and place in freezer so that it doesn't gel.
    Release from moulds and allow to cure for four weeks.

    1. Megan, Thank You so much for your insight & advice.