Sunday, August 8, 2010

Grocery Shopping Around A Weekly Menu

Rule # 1.  Always, always plan ahead. 
  • Make four weekly menus 
  • Build your shopping list around your menus. 
Rule #2. 
This is WAR.
During times of war one  need to be ruthless so you absolutely must not,  and I repeat,  must not  take your kids to the grocery store with you. They are the Budget-Busting Enemy! Oh they may look  like little cherubs but don't be fooled those precious looking little round faces, they are miniature saboteurs, master manipulators, con-artist and they will convince you to to deviate from The Sacred List. They are little devils,  do not make eye contact with them. Just splash holy water in their chubby little faces and run from the house with The Sacred List clutched to your like the wind.

Shop wisely Grasshopper, shop wisely.

Download A Printable Grocery List

Download A Weekly Menu Planner

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