Sunday, August 29, 2010

Storing Soups Long Term | Recipes

Now who doesn't love a quickie? ~ get your mind out of the gutter I mean a 'quick meal'.  I think these are  wonderful, nutritious, delicious & inexpensive meals.  Dehydrating from your garden or getting veggies in season from Farmer's Market a whole lot cheaper than in the grocery stores will be a real money saver over the winter. Learn How To Dehydrate Videos

Total Cooking Time:

Serving Size:
1 Oxygen pack
1 Vacuum bag
- All ingredients to make your soup or stew (except meat)
1 Mylar bag
1 Zip-lock bag

Place all dehydrated ingredients for your soup or stew into a vacuum bag except meat, bullion cubes, starches, flour, or powdered milk.
Place bullion cubes, starches, flour or powdered milk into a zip-lock (or other) bag and then place into your vacuum bag.

Remember, it is not recommended to store your own dehydrated meats long term. Do not include them into your package.

Add one 100cc oxygen pack and then vacuum seal.
Label your bag and place into a Mylar bag to deter light. This will ensure the longest shelf-life.

If your want to place more than one soup per Mylar bag, wrap each vacuum bag in plastic wrap so that possible rubbing together does not cause holes.
Label your Mylar bag with contents and date.
When stored properly your soup will last up to 30 years!
To prepare soup simply cut open bag and pour into crock pot with necessary amount of water. Also add bullion cubes, starch, ect. Remember to remove your oxygen pack!

Now is the time to add fresh meat if desired.
Allow to slow cook and enjoy!

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