Monday, September 6, 2010

A Compelling Case for Homemade Dog Food

NOTE: I found this recipes some months back but was still too out of source (in pain and depressed) to try it.  Now that I am chomping at the bit to try it MY OVEN IS BROKEN!!!  -but- all is not lost I remembered that I have my mother's electric roaster packed away so I plan to try this out. I also have plenty of Ball Caning Jars here and a 16 qt pressure caner so I am going to process 'meaty canned foods' that can be poured over the Kibble. After the 2007  Recall For Contaminated Dog Food I started researching dog food and after the shock & horror of what I had learned I started buying The Girls premium dog food (very expensive but my son paid for it) even with premium brands of dog food you have to read the ingredients carefully checking to be sure some of the ingredients have not been imported from China  (the Chinese use poisonous fillers). Cheap (and even some not-so-cheap) dog food is unhealthy. Dog food companies use ingredients Not Fit For Human Consumption in their dog food.  Since I can no longer afford to buy Premium Dog Food  and I refuse to feed The Girls garbage and poison I have to make their food.  
  ~ My dogs are very important to me, they been there for me with unconditional love during my darkest hours of physical pain, deep depression, fear & uncertainty, frankly, I believe they saved my life. They deserve healthy, delicious food.  My suggestion is this: If you plan to make you own dog food why not make a little extra to sell to family members and friends who have canine companions? They money you earn can pay for the ingredients for you four legged friend. It's a win-win.  ~Shalom~

To create the basic recipe, mix together in a very large bowl:

•6 cups of a mixture of potato flour and rolled oats. (You can also use whole wheat and rye flour as well. Avoid the over-processed white flour.) ***NOTE: Wheat is a known allergen so if your dog has food sensitivities I would stay away from wheat
•3 cups of cooked brown rice.
•Add 2 cups of dry milk
•And 2 teaspoons of bone meal
•Blend in 3 cups of water to the flour mixture.

In another bowl:
•Beat 4 eggs.
•Melt 1 cup of lard (***NOTE:or olive oil for the Omega 3) and mix into the eggs.
Stir the egg mixture into the flour mixture. Pour this mixture into a large, greased baking pan. Suitable pans are pizza pans, cookie pans and cake pans. You may need a few of these to do the job. It is okay to use a deeper pan; it will just take longer to bake. You can also add carrots and peas to your recipe, but remember that it's easier for your pet to digest cooked, shredded, juiced and mashed vegetables.

How to bake
Preheat the oven to 175 degrees Fahrenheit/80 degrees Celsius. Bake the kibble batter for 45 minutes or until the kibble is done. It should pull away from the sides of the pan and be lightly browned. Take the the pans out of the oven and cool before breaking the baked mixture apart into smaller chunks. Store the homemade kibble in an airtight container in the fridge. and ensure you date and label the container!  ***Note: Just to be safe I would supplement with a  Daily Doggie Vitamin Tablet but first consult your Veterinarian

Or, if you choose to double the recipe, you can store the remainder in the freezer until ready to use. Thaw then serve.

You can also make the dog food meatier by adding meat juices, broth, gravy and meat drippings instead of water. You can also use dairy products such as milk, goat's milk and cottage cheese as part of the liquid portion. You can add any other animal fats to the recipe. For a much meatier option, add up to four cups of shredded or ground meat or fish to the batter.

Your dog will love your homemade kibble and treats. By making your own, you will be feeding your pet healthier, natural meals. Isn't your dog worth it?

**NOTE: Canines and; Vitamins  
                Fatty Acids for Dogs

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