Thursday, September 9, 2010

Adding New Life To An Older Outdated Computer~For Free

My laptop (Acer Aspire) is  close to five years old, well in computer years that like fifty years old.  This laptop has served me well and without grief.  I did have to replace the battery so some months back I bought an extended life battery on ebay that is AWESOME and cost $40 less than an Acer 6 cell battery..... but I digress, anyway...

I'm pretty fed up with Windows and all the viruses Windows is susceptible to.  I've been hit with 4 major Trojan  infection in the past three months.

A year ago my son gave me an Intel Mac desktop,   Mac's operating system is so secure that I  haven't  bothered to install an anti-virus on it (although I really should) and still haven't been plagued any viruses. Since I am just about 'dirt poor'  there's no way possible I'm able to get to get my hands a Mac Laptop so I looked into Ubuntu.

Ubuntu is a free open source  Linix based Operating System ...and it's supposedly very secure. And what makes  Ububtu even more attractive is; it will run on older computers  -So- I downloaded and installed it into my laptop.  There's a few ways you can do this but  I chose the dual boot option. Ubuntu had all of the drivers my laptop needed ie. wifi, built in cam, etc.

Well,  I am here to tell  you that I am  in love with Ubuntu so much so that if it were a man I would want to have it's baby!  Okay, so that's a bit extreme but you get my point, Ubuntu is that good.  It comes with a lot of software, all free for example Open Office  which is similar to Microsoft Office and can open Office documents. Ubuntu is well worth taking a look at.

P.S. If you're not computer savvy and too apprehensive to experiment with your main computer and just so happen to have an older, unused computer sitting in a corner collecting dust it can't hurt to checkout Ubuntu:
Ubuntu Desktop
Thunderbird Mail Client (Ubuntu has several other mail options)
One of several Browser options

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