Friday, September 24, 2010

Crochet A Rag Rug


When I find myself  worrying about something, anything, everything, for example; space junk...what if it falls on me (it could happen)? Or what if there's a big Land Grab on the Moon and I can't afford the gas to get there (that too could happen)? Anyway, my point here is this: Making a gazillion million knots with a crochet hook is quit cathartic and the bonus is in the end you've got a lovely rug to show for it.

Many years ago (back in the 70's) I found an article about how to crochet rag rugs. I  did managed to make a small one although I've no idea whatever happened to it.  Anyway I got to thinking about it because I have lots of old sheets, well, actually lots and lots of old sheets, shirts, pants, etc.

 You cut or tear your sheets -or- whatever into strips then sew the ends together to make a long continual strip that you wind into big balls like you would yarn. You wind and wind and wind (that too is quit cathartic) as you're so preoccupied with winding that long, long strip of sewn together material the next thing you know you've almost forgotten about the infestation of killer fire ants in Africa and the possibility of them crawling on a log  float on an ocean tide and washing up in Pittsburgh.....but I digress....  I think I am going to make my rug via 'granny squares'   Granny Square Patterns

then sew the squares together rather than the round or oval shape for no other reason than to make a larger sized rug easier to handle.  The Video below will show you the basics: BTW, my end product looked a lot nicer than the ones in this video.

A picture I found on the internet


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