Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Never Have To Buy Paper Napkins/Towles Again: How To Make Your Own Clothe Napkins

NOTE: This is my project for this coming week-end.   I loathe paper napkins, the price, the waste and most of the the negative effect on the environment. Yeah, I'm one of 'Those'... I  never met a tree that I didn't wanna hug, anyways, 'nuff  about my eccentricities.  I think I can pull this off without spending a penny which is good news for me since I don't very many pennies but what I do have is lots of old sheets and three sisters who who surely have have an old sheet or two stuffed in a closet, drawer or in my one sister's case under one of her kid's bed evolving into a 'brand new species' (I hope she never runs into this blog to read this). Or Second Hand Thrift Shops (I love S.H.T.S.) My next thought is this:  These would make wonderful Holiday gifts just iron, starch and set into a basket bought from The Dollar Store for $1 (or 100 pennies) or a decoupage decorated old shoe box (more on that in an upcoming post). If you're looking to earn a few $$ you could try selling them on ebay, craft shows, to neighbors....well you get the idea. Most of all enjoy, bathe in the warm glow of self satisfaction that you made something useful with your own hands, that will to save you money and provide you with a creative outlet. Creativity is good for the soul.

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