Sunday, April 17, 2011

Baking Soda & Hydrogen Peroxide - A Beautiful Couple

Yes, I am this frugal.
I've been brushing my teeth with baking soda & peroxide for years now.  I started doing so in the 70's on the advise of my dentist because at that time I had gum disease (Pyorrhea). His advice worked!   Now,  Thirty Five years later and without any further treatment for Periodontal disease I still have healthy gums.

I have on occasion tried using store bought tooth paste from time to time, like on occasions when I would babysite over night for my sister.  It gags me, I can't stand the sweetness or the pasty texture.

I also love, love, love the price, the fact that it's 'earth friendly' and it's only two ingredients ( I like knowing exactly what's in the products that I use and put into my mouth) both made in the USA.

Baking Soda makes a wonderful deodorant.  It's the only thing that I will use.  I wet the tips of my fingers, grab a pinch of baking soda and spread on my arm pits.  I never, ever  have underarm odor.
The ingredients used to make Deodorants are toxic.  There are safe  natural deodorants on the market but they are very expensive.  Store bought Tooth Paste & Deodorant is an expense I can well do without considering my monthly income is a meager $471.00.

Anyone else use Baking Soda & Peroxide for this purpose and if so, how is it working for you?


  1. Recently, my dentist told me that the baking soda was too abrasive, that it would wear away the enamel. His repsone was an emphatic, "Stop doing that.) That said, everyone's teeth and enamel are different. I am going to look into the peroxide for gums. Thanks.

  2. Hi Linda!
    It's been years since I've been to a dentist ( many years without Medical/Dental Insurance) I have Medicaid now so I will make an appointment. I'm terrified of the dentist but I do need to see one. It makes sense...the baking soda is abrasive but I thought that being it breaks down rather quickly it would be okay....Live & learn huh??? thanks for the 'heads up'


  3. i have read that bicarb is actually less abrasive than toothpaste. i dont know whats true but i do believe that the extra abrasiveness of the bicarb could be a myth perpetuated by people who profit from toothpaste

    btw i stumbled on your blog from practical parsimony

  4. I have started using olive oil with a drop of tea tree oil and swishing it through my teeth for 20 minutes. It is difficult to do for 20 minutes and I usually have to spit it out after 10 mins and continue on with a new mouthful. This is also referred to as 'oil pulling' and many use organic coconut oil which they let liquify from solid to swish with. I had no coconut so I have been using extra virgin olive oil with a drop of tea tree and it seems to work for me. I like the baking soda and peroxide idea too and may use it occasionally. The oil pulling got rid of inflamed gums overnight and removed some old popcorn hulls.
    is a site with some information and google has more.