Friday, April 8, 2011

A Cup of Ginger Tea ~ A Miracle Worker

I'm not quit sure what's wrong with me.  My doctor believes that I have an autoimmune disease.  He's referred me to a Rheumatologist who has agreed to see me in early May.  The bouts of  nausea that I experience may or may not have anything to do with this particular issue...who know's...

When I lived in Scotland I discovered a Fizzy Juice ( The Scottish call pop/soda 'Fizzy Juice')  called Ginger Beer.   One day I was  so, so  nauseated and I remembered reading on the web about how great Ginger is for nausea so I bought a bottle of Ginger Beer.  It had that strong, sharp bite that is common to ginger. It worked! In less than 40 minutes the nausea was gone! Prior to that nothing has ever worked for me. I always kept several bottles of Ginger Beer in the house.

When I moved back to the States I tried several different Ginger teas  that did not taste like I had ginger in it at all.   I tried STASH:  Expensive, I can taste the ginger and it  works like a charm every time so I paid the price: $4.69 for a box of  20 (I think) bags.

But now for some reason my store stopped carrying this product.  Soooo, I thought to myself: 'Why not make your own Ginger Tea from fresh Ginger Root'?

Ginger Tea

2 T. grated ginger root

2 c. water

Boil the water in a small saucepan and stir in the ginger root.
Drink straight or add lemon and/or your favorite sweetener to taste. Ginger tea with honey is a soothing drink when you have a cold or the flu.

Peel & chop the ginger root

Toss the small bits of peeled ginger root into your veggie chopper

I put my ground up ginger root with the juice into a tea ball

put the tea ball into my kettle, let it come to a boil the turn the gas off and let it steep for 10 minutes

I wrapped the he remainder of the ground ginger root in aluminum foil, enough for 2 cups  and put the packets into a zip lock freezer bag and freeze until your're ready for another cup.


  1. I hate nausea! My nausea always came from However, the nausea since then is inner ear problems. Good job!
    Did you figure the cost of a cup of the commercial drink in Scotland, the tea you bought, and the concoction that you made? That would be interesting. So, maybe you are to nauseated to figure?

  2. I didn't think to do the math on that. The next time I buy a piece of Ginger Root and see how many cups it yields I'll figure it out and post it. But I'm pretty sure it's considerably cheaper than those tea bags. The price of those Tea Bags made me nauseous at the check out register...LOL