Sunday, April 24, 2011

Living Without Money ~ Thought Provoking

A very interesting website, I can't say that I agree with all of it but I do find much of it enlightening and helps me to puts some things in perspective.  The years of corporate brainwashing though endless commercials has us honestly believing that we 'need' so much more that we actually do.  Just my thought on the subject.

In proportion as he Simplifies his Life, the The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.Laws of the Universe will appear less complex, and Solitude will not be solitude, nor Poverty poverty, nor Weakness weakness. 
  --Henry David Thoreau



  1. Thoreau could not have lived his life as he did without going to town for the mail and company, going to his mother's house for her to wash his clothing, and being a frequent guest and Emerson's house for dinners. As a matter of fact, he stayed at Emerson's house for a year or two while Emerson was in Europe. Yes, Emerson invited him. Yes, I could live without money if I had those perks. Granted, most of us do not need the money we do spend and think is necessary to spend. Lots of people use freecycle to get what they need without spending money. Sure, the universe supplies the needs she blogs about. But, whose computer is she using? When she finds a good laptop around the dumpster, I will be a Lots of people live well by the grace of relatives and friends and society in general. That is good for them. I am pleased. But, we cannot all live without money. Yes, it is thought-provoking.

  2. Hi Linda! I agree, in all reality we can not escape the need for money, there are quit a lot of things that can not be acquired without money, even through bartering since it takes two people to agree to barter, if one person is unwilling then there's no deal. I guess it depends on how rough one is willing to live. If you are you are young enough, strong enough & healthy enough I suppose you could pull it off...I am not. I would say this: If I could find a community of people who are committed to living a minimalist lifestyle and who are committed to helping each other according to their talents and abilities I would love to join it.
    Thanks for leaving a comment. I love hearing other peoples ideas!!